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7 reasons to choose for Chenta

1 ►   first 30 minutes free advice

2 ►   fast and clear tailor-made quotation

3 ►   we work at effectivity, teamwork and results

4 ►   senior professionals, online tools, e-learning and a virtual classroom

5 ►   a pleasant coach- and meeting room at the waterfront

6 ►   we are recognized by satisfied customers as in-company specialist

7 ►   standard 3 months after-care guarantee

Inspiring to excel

The chenta is an Indian ‘drum’ and it symbolizes the ‘heart’. Chenta aims to inspire others to excel. To do this, we follow the natural rhythm of success: a rhythm geared towards achieving a goal and one which starts from the heart. Our training courses offer a sense of rhythm and structure to the organization - and personal development. In order for managers and teams to continue to perform better. Because to begin with, all our courses have a purpose. Behind each of Chenta’s­ courses lurks the question: what result will it yield?

Chenta offers services in Dutch, English, German and French. An international team of experienced consultants, trainers and coaches are ready to help you in their various areas of expertise such as successful leadership , entrepreneurship and personal success and passion.

For whom does Chenta work?

Chenta works with a variety of organizations. From universities, banks, construction companies and housing associations to international wholesalers. We offer solutions to any organization that wants to expand or professionalize. For individual or small groups wishing to participate, or for an intensive high impact training course which focuses on developing specific skillsClick here to view our business presentation.  

How does Chenta work?

Chenta has a wide range of business and psychological expertise. First, we would like to learn how we can help your organization become successful. After that, we can determine which approach to use. This approach will always be goal-oriented. 
Chenta wants to inspire others to excel. That is why all of our programs and training courses have been designed to achieve tangible results. Skills are always developed for particular purposes so they can be used in the work place as much as possible.
We also design  tailor made programs. Administrators and managers learn together with their staff. These programs often already start yielding results during the learning process – this subsequently contributes to reaping financial results. Take a look at a case in practice to see how Chenta helps develop one’s talents.

Established: 1999

Chenta was founded in 1999 by Laura van der Brugge MBA, an experienced leadership coach and change manager. In addition to its own work, Chenta designs programs for the training agency bureau de Baak (a management centre working for the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers – in Dutch it’s called the VNO-NCW).

Additional information 
Feel free to call us at +31(0)24 322 80 77 or fill in the response form.