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Inspiring to excel at Chenta


Inspiring to excel

The chenta is an Indian ‘drum’ and it symbolizes the ‘heart’.
Chenta aims to inspire others to excel. To do this, we follow the natural
rhythm of success: a rhythm geared towards achieving a goal and one which starts from the heart.
Our training courses offer a sense of rhythm and structure to the organization - and personal development. In order for managers and teams to continue to perform better. Because to begin with, all our courses have a purpose. Behind each of Chenta’s­ courses lurks the question: what result will it yield?

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Geared towards results
Action learning is one of our important guiding principles. Learn today what you can apply to the workplace tomorrow. For example, in our Open-Up! course we become involved in (strategic) projects which often help to yield financial results for the organization. Such a course can prove to be worth the investment during the learning process.

Starting from the heart
Chenta’s trainers are focused on inspiring others in a safe learning environment. This is to ensure that supervisors, teams and fellow colleagues can perform better and so that they can relate more to the direction in which the organization is headed. Becausesuccess and passionare intrinsically connected. Read more about the trainers who can help you to develop.

Excelling requires skills training
Entrepreneursip, management, cooperation… it requires great effort! And an organization which does not train its personnel risks that it’s personnel will suffer from fatigue. Or its personnel will stick to ‘the mould’, due to internal relationships and patterns which do not inspire. Are you curious about how Chenta can inspire you to excel? Take a look at the following case in which an HR manager tells how Chenta can help to develop talents

Inspiring yields results
A tailormade course involving action learning is something quite different from a ‘standard’ training course. A standard training course raises certain expectations among the participants, without involving the organization in the new insights. This poses a risk for employers and employees.

Before Chenta starts an in-company course, we discuss this with the personnel manager and the management in regard to the organizational development desired. That is why there are no snags and you can actively inspire others: the beat behind your success!