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Requesting a quotation?
We would be happy to call you back in order to discuss a possible quotation. Would you please fill in the form that appears below? Should you request a quotation, and if you would like to send us attachments which include information, then we would like to request that you send an e-mail to contact@chenta.nl.
Please feel free to contact us at +31 (0)24 322 80 77 if your quotation needs to be made soon.
Once you have decided to register for the training program of your choice, then we will send you a preliminary confirmation. We would be happy to call you about any questions regarding your registration. Would you please fill in the form below? Should you still have questions, please let us know. Feel free to call us at  +31(0)24 322 80 77.
We will inform you no later than six weeks before the program start about whether or not a sufficient number of registrations have been made in order for the training program to go ahead. If there are not enough registrations, then we can always provide you with an alternative form of training.