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Which service is the most appropriate in regard to my problem?

Tell us about your problem during a proper consultation. Then we can advise you which service would be the most appropriate. Be sure to get in touch with us about this. This can be done, for example, by filling in your details on the response form.
You can of course just give us a call. The telephone number is +31(0)24 322 80 77.

Will my problem be dealt with in confidence?

Yes, we deal with all your problems discreetly. Confidentially and inspired by the key words in the services we provide. From the very beginning of our cooperation, we can make clear agreements about this.

How will I know if it clicks?

We discuss your wishes first in a telephone conversation. Afterwards, we would like to meet you in person. Naturally, free of costs and without any obligation. After this interview, you can decide for yourself whether or not it clicks between us.

Will I get what I pay for?

Yes, we’ll make sure of this. We think of you as soon as we start cooperating, ensuring that the costs can be weighed in view of the yield to be expected. We are honest about the possibilities in regard to the services we offer, but also in regard to our limitations. Experience has proven that the modular framework of our services suits both small and large training budgets.

What are Chenta's general conditions?