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Successful leadership based on a strong mission


What is successful leadership? It depends on many factors and it differs from one organization to the other. According to Chenta, the foundation necessary for each leader’s success has to do with having self-knowledge and setting a clear course ahead for the department or organization:

• Do you know what you have been successful in or what you could be successful in, and how you need others to help you accomplish this?
• Create the conditions for others to be successful, for example, your colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

Develop your leadership skills
Chenta provides several services which support management issues: expanding your self-knowledge, creating a vision and receiving training management skills and team competencies. For example, read more about:

Executive Coaching & Assessments
Boardroom Participation
• Interim Management


Entrepreneurial management
As a manager, would you like to increase your personnel’s entrepreneurial spirit or would you like to give their personal effectiveness a stimulating impulse? Then take a look at our range of courses relating to successful entrepreneurship and personal success and passion.

Like to receive more information or a consultation without any obligation?
Feel free to call us at +31(0)24 322 80 77 or fill in the response form. If you like, one of our leadership coaches will call you to arrange a free consultation about the possibilities to receive a course in leadership skills training and possibly coaching.


Business club or entrepreneurs’ network?

In just a few hours, Chenta can, according to your wishes, turn your business club gathering into an interactive learning environment by delving into areas such as teambuilding, personal leadership, project management and coaching. A gathering led by our trainers is ideal for strengthening your network and for your growth as an entrepreneur. If you are responsible for the afternoon or evening program of the business club, then we would like to invite for a preliminary consultation. Or if you like, you can give us a call at +31 (0) 24 322 80 77 or fill in the response form. Read more then about Chenta for entrepreneurs in Ondernemersbelang (in Dutch only).