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Growth: developing training to achieve results

• Implementing your vision rapidly and effectively?
• Having managers cooperate across borders?
• Producing results with honourable cultural carriers?

Developing a proper training program is essential in order to implement your strategy and to have your organization managed by an honourable, powerful and professional staff. At Chenta you can quickly set up your own management academy and you can help your organization to become stronger from the inside out.

Chenta offers two-year 'action learning' growth programs. Our programs 'Open-up!', 'Smart!', 'Jump!', Bizz! and 'Gear-up!' can help you to make the difference. As an employer, you can offer your staff these programs that give your staff perspective in regard to talent and ambition. Read on.

Here are several examples of programs designed to develop general leadership and management competencies. Examples of programs in which we have developed particular commercial skills and power can be found under Tailor-made Business Training. Click here for our personal effectiveness training.

Business & management development program Open-Up!

Business & management development program: Open-Up!

Are your managers in top form? Will your organization be sustainable in the future and is it financially sound? In the program Open-Up! for organizational development, the managers work on strategic projects – which produce financial results immediately.

Through this tailormade program Chenta challenges your managers to develop further. The Open-Up! business & management development program:

• is tailormade to suit your company’s goals
• carries out your strategic projects through action learning
• returns the investment made during the training

Management potential program: Jump!

Jump! is a management potential program that ensures that a leap forward occurs in one’s personal development.

In this tailormade program Chenta challenges your ambitious employees to allow their talents to unfold and to expand their understanding of your organization. Jump!’s goal is to stimulate your talents and to create a bond with, among others, the guest lecturers from your organization and to offer a ‘safe’ and inspiring learning environment.

JUMP! Management potential program:

• Self-knowledge, general management knowledge & skills
• Return on investment seen during the course


Management Skills Program: Smart!

In the management skills program SMART! your supervisors develop both day-to-day management and personal skills.

The Smart! management skills program:

• Develops management skills in combination with personal skills
• Trains supervisors in effectieve communication skills and to carry out their management tasks 
• Is tailormade to achieve your company’s goals and to suit your HR instruments


Personal effectiveness training program for professionals: REFLECT!

REFLECT! High Impact Personal Development program for professionals

As the one responsible for an organization or business unit your stakeholders expect you to have a clear vision. A vision of the market and your organization’s future. With this vision you can steer your course.

Training for top performance
You would like to implement your vision as soon as possible. Because time is money and the competition continues to grow. A proper and quick implementation demand top performance from you and your organization. And just as in when performing top sport, training determines your success. A tailor made training program can provide an inspiring way to implement your vision and to carry out changes. The program offers a starting point in striving towards results and a platform for developing appropriate values and honourable cultural carriers.

Cooperating across boundaries
Part of your vision is undoubtedly that cooperation will take place across the boundaries of departments and business units in order to optimalize the processes within your company. Our programs provide an optimal learning environment in order to exchange ‘best practices’ and to work out possibilities for cooperation along the chain. In the workplace the telephone is quickly grabbed so that the wheel will not have to be reinvented and in order to not get bogged down in sub-optimaliztion of sub-processes at the costs of the greater whole.

Continually updating the company model
It is precisely in these times of fast change and international competition that your organization can be aided by a series of programs in which questions are continually being asked about the company model and the possibilities for improvement. The relationship with your target group, your product/services offered, the market channels which you choose and the earnings model are matters that need to be maintained and you need to be on the alert. With our tailormade programs, you can ensure that this maintenance and alertness will continually take place in all of your organization’s layers. Would you also like to develop an in-company training program to achieve results?

Corporate Culture Development

Culture development based on shared values has become more important than ever. Chenta creates tailor-made programs for organizations to develop their corporate culture. Would you like to meet with one of our consultants to exchange ideas?

More information or a consultation without any obligation?

Please feel free to call us at +31 (0)24 322 80 77 or fill in the response form. Or we are happy to call you for a free consultation about the possibilities for developing a tailormade training program.

Additional information

You can find more information about developing a training program and successful entrepreneurship on the following webpages Strategy: organizational consultation and ‘Gain: learning in action’. Chenta provides personal coaching in order to develop your leadership style as well.