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Teamwork at the top and a clear business plan

The ingredients for your success  

Because change is the constant, success depends on A) a good teamspirit at the top and B) a solid business plan in which you constantly monitor your business model within the context of your market. In a quick and strong session we give your board a strong impulse, enabling you and your co- boardmembers to focus on the content of the strategy debate. You gain time and effectiveness.

What is your organizational vision and how do you convert strategy in practice? Crucial questions which follow radical reorganizations or when you would like ambitions to grow and prosper. 

Where can your developmental gain be made?

The traditional power of knowledge and information is losing ground. Where are the opportunities to offer customers or the community added value: in fast delivery, service, quality, visability, reliability, innovation or volume? Internally the consultation we offer your organization is directed, among other things, at vision, communication, leadership style, expertise, management skills and cooperation. Depending on your ambitions and the dynamics in your executive or management team we can make a difference for you with:

  • management consultancy
  • executive (team) coaching
  • non-executive board membership
  • strategy implementation program

Free consultation

A good consultation can be earned back already during the period these services are offered. Chenta helps you convert your strategy to growth, profit or social assets. Become acquainted with Chenta. We aim to compensate you for the costs that you have incurred for our efforts even during the period that you receive our services. From this ambition we are eager to offer you a quotation for an in-company consultation. Please contact us at +31 (0) 24 322 80 77 or fill in the response form.

Growth and doing international business

In the Netherlands multinationals have many main offices and subsidies. Chenta particularly offers these organizations consultations and tailormade programs in several countries and languages.

Results in the public sector

The public sector represents a challenge when working towards achieving results and motivating employees. Many (partly) governmental organizations are dependent on which political wind is blowing. This makes management and leadership even more challenging.
The content discussed during the consultation and Chenta’s programs can be traced to business administration, public administration and organizational psychology. This material can also be adjusted to suit the public sector.

Additional information

Besides consultations, Chenta offers services for successful entrepreneurship in the areas of growth: developmental training and profit: learning in action. Read more about Open-Up, our in-company business & management development program.