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Chenta helps develop team competencies

Developing team competenties

A group of people who work together, do not necessarily form a team on their own accord. Good teamwork is the product which results from more than the sum of the parts of the whole. This synergy or ‘click’ is not made to order. Good teamwork requires initiative, honesty, co-responsibility and mutual respect. A team can excel if its members have developed team competencies, by complementing one another and assume responsibility together for the task at hand.

Developing team competencies at Chenta
Would you like to improve your team’s effectivity? Whether or not this is a ‘mission impossible’ does not merely involve crossing your t’s or dotting your i’s: Chenta’s team coach can raise the level of cooperation within your team.

Like to receive more information or a consultation without any obligation?
Would you like to develop team competencies ? In a free consultation with one of our team coaches, you can discuss what your team needs in order for it to perform better. Feel free to call us at +31(0)24 322 80 77 or fill in the response form. Depending on this consultation’s outcome, we will decide whether or not to choose on-the-job team coaching, teambuilding, leadership coaching or a tailormade training program.

Stages in team development
Developing team competencies is a process that is continual. There are constantly opportunities for improving individual behaviour and for developing team competencies . Many teams go through the following stages:

1. forming
2. storming
3. norming
4. bonding
5. performing

Each stage has its opportunities and its pitfalls. Chenta always develops team competencies depending on the stage which the team has reached.

Read more about team development
Focused on developing team competencies based on current topics. Chenta has published a book on this subject: TEAMOCRACY (only available in Dutch). The secret of incredible cooperation. This book can be used by team leaders and members.

Take a sneak preview of the book or order the book from the publisher Thema. Or read more about the author here.

Readers’ comments on Teamocracy:

Loes de Boer, HRD manager of Fujifilm Europe:
“A comprehensive, but most of all, an inspiring manual for all those who want to start working with teams.”

Jan Schouten, Managing Director of Schouten & Nelissen Group:
“Forming a GOOD team is not a piece of cake. This book points out possible pitfalls and gives a sense of direction to anyone who is striving to achieve a GOOD team within a vital organization. Practical and well-grounded. Recommended reading.”