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Develop your leadership style with a personal coach

Management requires authenticity, vitality and  responsibility. Chenta’s leadership coach can help you to develop an
effective leadership style in which you can carry out these core values succesfully.
Have you asked yourself:
- What kind of manager would I like to be?
- What role does the organization want me to perform?
- Which leadership style suits me in this role?
- How do I perform in practice?
- What are my goals for the future?

In new or complex situations there is a great tempation to manage using the skills that you acquired years ago and which you feel comfortable with. For example, your professional knowledge or your organizational talent. But can you achieve your personal and organizational goals? In the way that you want to? Do you have the entire support of your personnel?

Which coach suits you?
Each of Chenta’s coaches has his or her own specialty and background. During a telephone call you will become acquainted without any obligation. If it clicks, you will then make a start to develop your leadership style together. Otherwise, you can try becoming acquainted with another coach. Mutual trust is the basis for successful coaching.

Develop your leadership style with a development assessment
Chenta’s leadership coach is happy to help you develop an effective leader ship style. From top manager to novice manager or personnel manager. We can create a learning path that suits your professional level, learning goals and your organization’s expectations.


Development instruments can improve  the awareness process and speed up your decision making ability.

Which competencies suit your personality?

Gain insight in your personality and your talent for developing 43 general business competencies.
- online assessment and 1 hour coaching with explanation about your
  unique talents
- produces in combination with 360° feedback on relevant competencies 
  a convenient personal improvement plan
- produces in combination with the career pointer quick relevant insights for
   career counseling

What's your authentic leadership style?

Gain insight in your leadershipstyle and see room for development in respect
to the challenges in your current position.
- online assessment and 1 hour coaching with explanation on your
  style preference
- produces in combination with 360° feedback on your leadershipstyle
  a convenient leadership improvement plan
- produces for executive teams a clear overview of strengths and pitfalls

Which jobs suit you best?

Gain insight in your personality, the functional areas that suit you best
and your action orientation regarding employability.
- online career pointer and 1 hour coaching about jobs that
  suit you best
- produces in combination with the personality test quick relevant
  insights for career coaching

360° feedback on relevant competencies

Gain insight in how others perceive you based on the for your position most
important competencies.
- online assessment and 1 hour coaching
- produces in combination with the personality test a convenient
  personal improvement plan

360° feedback on your leadership style

Gain insight in how others perceive your leadership style.
- online assessment based on eight leadership roles and 1 hour coaching
- produces in combination with the leadership style test a convenient
  leadership improvement plan

360° feedback on your project management skills

Proficient in managing your projects on the basis of 360° feedback from your environment on 60 relevant project management skills.
- 360° feedback tool usable in coaching for project leaders
   or managers with project management tasks
- extra workbook on project management is also used for action
   learning coaching or an incompany training


Like to receive more information or a consultation without any obligation?
Feel free to call us at +31 (0)24 322 80 77 or fill in the response form. If you like, we  would be happy to call you to arrange a free consultation regarding the possibilities to receive leadership coaching and to develop your own leadership style.

Additonal information:
An effective leadership style is the basis for succesful management. Read more about our management skills training courses. By having a balanced leadership style, you can develop team competencies together with your personnel.

A customer’s response:

Marion Kocken, Manager of Communication at Pluryn Werkenrode Group:
“I recommend Chenta’s leadership coaching because it helps you to see how you function from a completely different angle. It provided me with a moment in which I could stop and reflect in a constantly changing hectic world.”