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Career Coaching or Outplacement

Personal career coach

What gives you energy, what talents do you possess, which direction would you like to pursue? Chenta’s personal career coach can help you to determine your course and to decide which steps to take next. Job coaching can help you:
  • Formulate clear tangible goals
  • Find new possibilities
  • Maintain your knowledge and keep your skills up-to-date
  • Feel more power and energy
  • Find a better work-life-balance
Like to receive more information or a consultation without any obligation?
Feel free to call us at (024) 322 80 77 or fill in the  response form. We are happy to call you  for a free consultation with a personal career coach.
work and private life

The balance between work and private life is for many people a challenge. These two worlds are becoming more and more difficult to separate.
Because what is having drinks together with your colleagues? Checking your e-mail in the weekend? Working at home and then doing a load of laundry? On the other hand, you only have one life of which your work is only a part. That’s why Chenta’s personal coach will try to find out what quality of life - including work – means to you and how you can achieve this in the most  practical way.

Which coach fits you the best?

Each of Chenta’s personal career coaches has his or her own speciality and background. During a telephone conversation you can, without any obligation, ask your coach a clear question. We will introduce you to a coach, with whom you will acquaintances on a non-commital basis. You will start the job coaching plan together only if it clicks between you. For coaching concerning successful leadership, you can make an appointment with a leadership coach who will help you to develop your own leadership style. Curious about who we have lined up for job coaching? Take a look here at who will help you develop.

Response from a customer:

Adri van den Dikkenberg, Manager of Interior Design at Alliantie Gooi and Vechtstreek:
‘I thought it was a good blend between business and people-orientation. (balance). To me the most valuable part was that because of undergoing this coaching, I can now make the link between the ideas in my mind and then transfer them to a work plan in writing.”
Additional information
In addition to having a personal career coach, Chenta offers other opportunities for working on your personal success and passion. Read more about the personal effectiveness training program and our peer coaching.