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Discover our supervised peer coaching

Did you know that research shows that sales professionals who receive at least 3 hours coaching per month reach their targets with 107% and those who don't reach on average 83% of their targets. So, do you want to reach your targets? And do you want the support of a professional coach to exceed your targets? Get in touch with us for sales coaching.

Do you encounter challenges in your work that you would like to discuss with others?
At Chenta you will find an independent sounding board. We offer peer coaching for groups of supervisors, entrepreneurs or professionals. By using our peer coaching you can see matters from a different angle and you will gain insight into how you cope with them. The peer coaching is a beneficial alternative to a personal career coach, a leadership coach or a personal effectiveness training program.

What is a peer coaching?

Peer coaching is a structured, interactive way of coaching in a group. You exchange work experiences
and you afterwards you analyze them. You learn how to:
• reflect on your own behavior and what the effects are
• apply coaching skills
• develop skills in giving advice
• support each other and to ask advice
• be professional when making judgements
Instead of peer coaching you can also network with colleagues or other professionals from your field. The advantage of using peer coaching is that you work under professional supervision, in a safe environment.

Like to receive more information or make acquaintances?

Would you like to learn more about our peer coaching? One of our trainers would be glad to give you advice without any obligation.
You can then also register right away to make a free appointment to meet with a peer coaching group.
Please call us at +31 (0) 24 322 80 77 or fill in the response form

How does it work?

A peer coaching group consists of between six to eight people. As soon as Chenta has received enough registration forms, we will organize a meeting without any obligation on your part. After having made acquaintances, you can decide if you would like to participate in peer coaching.
Afterwards, the group will make a number of agreements about the objectives, the confidentiality and way of working. Usually, a peer coaching group meets once every two to three months during the year. Chenta organizes the peer coaching sessions and the location, and provides professional supervision. Chenta has a great deal of experience in supervising peer coaching groups.

What are the costs?

The first consultation is for free. The costs for participating in the track is different per group since for approximatley five sessions you will pay 950 euros, excluding VAT.

Training to become a peer coaching supervisor

Chenta is currently taking stock of the need for a training program in peer coaching supervision. Would you like to train to become a peer coach supervisor? Then please call us at +31(0)24 322 80 77 or fill in the response form. When there is sufficient interest, we will then organize an information session without any obligation.

Additional information

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